Sheldon has served as executive director, leader, and board member in numerous not-for-profits, as well as a regular speaker and consultant with boards and staff teams, and understands the need for strategic connections, focusing resources, and the critical nature of building meaningful relationships with people in our communities.

For over twenty years Sheldon has served or led regional events, charitable organizations, and ministries, in the areas of strategic planning, governance, marketing and promotion, donor relations, enhancing the organizational experience, faith-based service, and seeing people as the priority.  He’s also Sheldon is a Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team.  This experience brings depth, connectivity, and tools to your organization.

For his engagement with the local community he was awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Volunteer Centre of Southeastern New Brunswick.  Through service and community programs he’s led, organizations have seen client and target-audience engagement of over 89%, increased donations by over 63%, expanded donor base by almost 25%, significant infrastructure development, developed leadership and governance, increasing community outreach and programming, and seeing significant turn around moments.

Our communities shape who we are.  Giving back to our communities is one of the greatest things we can do.

Sheldon is happy to help not-for-profits think strategically about how best to serve; connect now.