Ministry organizations and churches are places that change lives and transform the world.  We understand the need for strategic connections, focusing resources, and the critical nature of building meaningful relationships with people.

Sheldon has served churches, ministries, and faith-based leaders for over twenty years, as executive leader, pastor, executive director, board member, keynote speaker, and consultant.  As such he understands the challenges and opportunities leaders and ministries face.

He is the Regional Director, Atlantic Canada, for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), a network of over 40 denominations, 30 post-secondary institutions, and more than 500 churches, focused in the areas of church and mission,  family and community, care for vulnerable populations, and religious freedoms.  Sheldon is also a Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership.

This connectivity allows him to bring resources and depth, as well as an ability to connect with the pastors, leaders, lay-leaders, and churches that work in the transformation of peoples lives.

His areas of expertise are in preaching and teaching, next-generational leadership, connecting with people and communities, strategic planning, leadership, and seeing people as the priority.  Through his leadership church and ministry programs have seen significant financial increases, numeric increases, higher engagement, and significant turn around moments.   Through his consulting and coaching with leaders, pastors, and ministries, those have seen stronger professional development, strategic organizational changes, increases in donor base and donations, and increased outreach of over 23%.

Sheldon is an ordained minister, holds an honours degree in theology from Master’s College & Seminary, and a Master of Adult Education with a focus in faith-based and post-secondary leadership from St. Francis Xavier University.  He has also been awarded an honorary doctorate for his leadership and service within post-secondary and the church.

We’re happy to help churches and ministries to think strategically about vision, mission, and service; connect now.