Our Service

We’ve worked for over twenty years in the areas of transition and transformation in both organizational and individual lives. Through executive leadership in public and private higher education, and in local and national ministry organizations, we’ve successfully assisted others with significant organizational change, growth, coaching, and culture. Through our people focused approach we can help you do what you’re meant to do.

Post-Secondary Consulting

Institutions have seen stability, positive cultural change, enrolment growth, and increased student satisfaction through our leadership and consulting.  Building the future takes intentionality and we can help.

Not-For-Profit & Small Business Consulting

Not-for-Profits and small businesses have experienced higher community engagement, higher client satisfaction, increased volunteers, and better resourcing through our leadership and consulting.  Servicing communities takes focus and we can help.

Faith-Based Consulting

Ministries and Churches have experienced meaningful cultural change, deeper community connections, better resourcing, strategic improvements, and leadership development.  Changing lives is the greatest thing you can do and we can help.

Key Note Event Speaking

Thousands of people hear Sheldon speak each year on matters affecting the deepest parts of who we are.  Through large and small venues, and one-on-one conversations, these relational, relaxed, and challenging moments connect with audiences and individuals.  Must be the jokes.

Fun Facts

Sheldon’s informed, practical, and relaxed manner seems to connect well. Since our entire focus is on people first, that’s good to know.

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